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Aaron Shaffer, Owner of Amish Country Help

I grew up in Amish country, near Kidron Ohio. As a kid I would ride my bike into the Kidron auction, get a drink of water from the artesian well fountain, and eat lunch at the Town & Country store. I love the beauty and peace that can be found in the countryside of Ohio.

My grandmother and great grandmother were Troyer Amish. The work ethic of Amish and Mennonites has always been an important part of my life. While I do enjoy my work in technology, I still hold many Amish country values close to my heart and lead a simple life.

I did spend 20 years in Cleveland, first going to school at Case Western Reserve University, then working in Case's IT department, then for 17 years as an independent IT consultant. 95% of my work is designing, implementing, and managing information systems for manufacturing companies. By keeping things simple, I help them see enormous cost savings compared to their peers and competitors.

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